Officiating Director

Professor Indrani Gupta

Indrani Gupta is the Officiating Director of the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, India. She received her PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA, in 1992. She is currently also the Head of the Health Policy Research Unit at the institute – a center she was instrumental in setting up - which remains a centre of excellence for policy-oriented research on the health sector. Her previous work experience includes teaching in India and abroad, working in the Government of India as a career economist of the Indian Economic Service, and the World Bank. She has worked extensively on issues pertaining to demand for health and health care, health insurance and financing, costing and cost-effectiveness, economics of HIV/AIDS, poverty and health, and implications of global agreements on the health sector in India. She has worked with several national and international organizations including bi- and multilateral development agencies, is an Advisory/Board member of key health organizations in India, and is on several high-level committees of the government and research bodies.  

E-mail:  indrani@iegindia.in, indrani@iegindia.org